If Twitter’s Parody Recruitment Video Hit’s Too Close To Home – It’s Time To Reassess Your Marketing

Back in 2012, Twitter went about making the best/worst recruiting video of all time that highlighted the generic hype of most recruitment marketing in a very tongue and cheek way.


The brilliance in this video is they not only set themselves apart by making fun of the generic and buzzword filled marketing of their competitors, the fact that their video is a parody, and one which the CEO is involved with, gives you a sense that Twitter is a different and interesting place to work.

Life At Shopify  – Designer

This video by Shopify is designed to highlight a day in the life if a designer at the organisation, and gives a potential candidate a detailed look into the organisation.
This trend towards team specific marketing messaging, rather than selling an overarching EVP, has Master Burnett relieved.  Master, a global recruiting expert and the Director of Strategy at BraveNewTalent is on a quest to show organiastions how to improve their recruitment marketing with honesty, and prove that you don’t need the best culture to win the best talent.  The key engaging element in spotidy’s video, is the transparency and honesty – both of which do not require a large budget to replicate.
We talked to Master on this topic, and you can read the highlights of this discussion, here.

If you want to learn more about how honest marketing can help you attract and retain the right talent, you can join Master at his pre-ATC2015 half day workshop on the 23rd of June. In this workshop Master will share the key tenets to this strategy, low cost methods on starting conversations in pivotal talent communities, how to leverage the voice of others to spread the word and how to demonstrate the impact of your recruitment marketing efforts. You can register your place in the workshop here.
Master will also be presenting a breakout session at the ATC on this very topic. You can register for both the workshop and the conference, here.

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