How To Win Top Talent When You’re Not Apple

Over the last few weeks on the hub, we’ve discussed the problems with forecasting and the growing importance of hiring and fostering innovative agile talent to help us weather the unknown challenges of the future (and those that are doing this well).
But if you’re not an Apple or a Google, how do you attract the same quality of people? If you don’t have a big brand nor budget behind you, what can you offer them that the others can’t?

This week I share another insightful chat with two great minds and friends, Kevin Wheeler and Dr John Sullivan. They discuss the keys to enticing top talent, and what Apple and the Google can’t offer (that you can).

Also take a look at Dan Nuroo’s article where he shares his tips on how you can sell your organisation when you don’t have the luxury of a huge brand nor marketing budget.
If you want to learn more ways on how to build you brand and master the ever evolving talent landscape,  join Dan and Kevin at #ATC2015 to learn best practice strategies from global recruitment experts. You can register for the event in Sydney or Auckland.
I hope to see you there!

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Kevin and John
Trevor Vas – How Anyone Can Recruit Like Apple And Google
Dan Nuroo – Securing Top Talent Without A Brand Name
Michele Ellner – Video Interviewing Gets Social
Nas Hansra – Innovative Sourcing Strategies for Mastering the Talent Landscape

If you want to learn how to improve your branding, marketing and engagement to recruit more like a Google, join your peers at  ATC2015 in Sydney. Limited spots are still available, here.

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