How to Elevate Your Employer Brand Without Really Trying

Proactive organisations pay attention to their employer brand to escalate their wins in the war for talent. But, it’s not enough anymore to simply have a strong brand name in recruitment marketing: A less-than-ideal candidate experience during the hiring process can turn off top talent.  While many companies outsource their recruitment marketing, hiring is more often an internal process. If you have a purpose-built video interviewing solution in-house, you have at your fingertips the means to elevate your employer brand with just a few simple steps:

1. Put Your Brand Front and Center.


A countless amount of time and cost has already gone into creating your company’s brand, and it might be the reason a candidate comes to you in the first place. So why not put it front and center throughout the hiring experience? Video interviewing makes it easy for you to do that. Every aspect of the client interaction – from the wording of emails to the look and feel of the screens – can be tailored to fit your brand. Control of the candidate’s experience is exactly where it should be – with you.


2. Help Candidates See Your Company Clearly.


Some of the most common questions candidates have are, “What is it like to work here?,” and “What is my potential new manager like?” Imagine putting this information at candidates’ fingertips before the interview even starts. Or, give them a look inside your company to learn more about your culture or the people that would be on their team.

With a purpose-built video interviewing platform, you can do all that and more. Montage research has shown that 92% of candidates feel video interviewing gives them valuable insight into a potential employer and fuels a personal connection earlier in the process – meaning it’s not just a nice thing to do, but a vital one.


3. Promote the Right Perception.


Would your company like to be seen as innovative? It’s a simple goal that’s not always achieved in a traditional hiring process. However, video interviewing can help ensure your company’s pioneering spirit comes through. In Montage candidate surveys, 96% of candidates said they had a favorable impression of the company after a video interview, and thought the company represented itself as an innovative and forward-thinking employer.


4. Make Sure Every Candidate Comes Away Feeling Positive.


Video interviewing is convenient for candidates and effective in helping them showcase their best qualities. This positive experience is essential for all candidates –those you hire and those you don’t.

The 2015 CandE Award research indicates that of candidates who gave a company’s hiring process five stars, 78% would encourage others to apply for a job there, even if they didn’t get the job. However, for candidates who rated a company’s hiring process one star, 41% would actively discourage others from applying. With the power of social media in talent acquisition, who can afford that many naysayers?

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies need to have the utmost confidence that their employer brand as communicated through their candidate experience is providing a point of differentiation. A purpose-built video interviewing solution can be a key partner in positioning your employer brand to help you secure the top performers your organization needs to lead your market.

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