You Don’t Need a New Website

I have a confession to make. 
We haven’t given you the broader picture when we told you that your business needs a new or better website. If that is the only thing you have acquired from JXT, we wouldn’t have done it justice. You would have missed out on an opportunity to leverage a digital ecosystem for business gain in your recruitment space. So to put it simply, you need a strategy to build and manage your digital ecosystem.

Websites are not the complete picture

Websites are, and will remain relevant for the foreseeable future to your business. The problem is how we have been perceiving websites and that limits the ways we can use it for bigger outcomes. Truth is, websites are the centre of a much bigger matter. The digital space is an ecosystem, a hive of activity, vibrant with opportunities yet far more complex to manage than just a website. So if you have a strategy that manages your digital ecosystem, not just your website, you will see the benefits of exponential growth.
That’s why you need to think differently and see your website as part of a bigger picture. The good news is you’ve already had the technology that is required to get your digital ecosystem working for you. But you may not know what it is and how to manage it.

How we got here

I was having a conversation a while back with a long-standing client.  He is the founder of many recruitment businesses that serve a diverse set of vertical industries. Like any recruiting business, accessing talented candidates is a major challenge. At JXT we are very familiar with his businesses as we’ve built his websites. Each time his business launches a new recruitment vertical, we would be there to help him set up that new website. Overtime, his recruitment brand has been very effective and successful in their market segments.
Which is why it’s a surprise to me, after all of their success, he confided in me and caused a revelation.
“Rick, I love the beautiful websites you’ve built for us. They’re amazing. But to be honest, I’m not sure how they’ve helped me make money. I know the importance of a website to new clients, but beyond impression, I am unclear how your websites are helping me to grow.”
That was a hard thing to hear but it was also an important wake-up call for me. He was right. We have an opportunity to educate our clients on the value of what we do and how our software works, and enable them to use these tools, features, and functions in ways that are beneficial to their business.
JXT does more than create websites. We provide a powerful digital marketing platform that is designed to manage your digital ecosystem in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our professional services team provide the ongoing support for peace of mind.

Decoding the digital mystery

Digital marketing is a term that is thrown around a lot nowadays. Yet almost nobody seems to know what it means or can show how recruiters can use it to accomplish better business outcomes. Going back to my client’s conundrum, from his perspective recruiters build relationships with clients who seek employees. Recruiters find, vet, and present to their clients. If there is a match, then an invoice is billed to the client. His website serves as a trigger to build trust with prospective clients. It tells the story of their brand and what they do, with the hope of converting a lead for his recruiters. Once that prospect is won, the website loses its value and retires back to invisibility.
Actually, it doesn’t have to be so limited.
Your website is important to your front-end activities in building relationships with prospective clients, but from digital marketing’s point of view, it’s part of a much larger digital ecosystem comprised of the following:

  1.    Your website – this is the heartbeat of your digital ecosystem
  2.    Applicant Tracking System – ATS
  3.    Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others
  4.    Search Engine Optimisation – SEO
  5.    Content marketing – blogs, e-books, action guides, to name a few
  6.    Mobile computing – which is how clients and candidates now engage

Notice that your website is only one of six components?

How to think “digital ecosystem”

The most important thing to remember – it is an interconnected system where all parts function together to give the greatest business value.
Similar to how the human brain controls every bodily function. At any moment, it processes millions of signals. It doesn’t just receive but sends them out to the body for action. This centre of control maintains a systematic order for various components to work properly to keep you alive.
The digital marketing platform is the brain for your digital ecosystem. It is designed to communicate and signal to all corners of your digital ecosystem with instructions. It is an incredibly powerful and efficient business tool if used the right way.
For starters, our platform can help you to:

  • Provision content to prospective ideal clients and cause them to look your way
  • Leverage social media to attract great candidates who are a perfect fit for your openings
  • Give candidates access to their profile via your ATS so they can apply for preferred jobs, update information in real time, schedule job alerts and even submit applications via their mobile
  • Let your clients view a digital copy of candidate’s resume
  • Use geo-location services to show advertised jobs within their nominated area
  • Optimise every job opening for search engines to attract as many candidates as possible for your clients
In Summary

Hopefully this gives you a flavour of the immense potential that you have. If you feel that you are only using a small portion of the platform features, we love to help you to change that. It is an eye opener to discover how you can expand your digital marketing beyond the website. I strongly encourage you to get in touch with your Relationship Manager to find out how to get the most benefit from your digital marketing platform.
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This article is sponsored by JXT.

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