Craig Fisher LinkedIn MasterClass – The Next Frontier in Social Recruiting

Being a ‘social recruiter’ is about so much more than having a completed LinkedIn profile and tweeting.
In this TalentTalks Video, Craig Fisher (@fishdogs) CEO of TalentNet,  reveals what it takes to prepare for the next frontier in social recruiting.

 Lessons from Craig Fisher:

  • Increasingly, people want to connect and do business with people; not logos, icons or companies.
  • Candidates want to see the social influence of the recruiter connecting with them. They want to know who they will be working with, dealing with, and know that they will be getting feedback from a real person.
  • If they can’t find any information about the recruiter online, they tend to be reluctant to connect and engage.
  • Social Recruiting is where recruiters utilise a high degree of online recruiter branding. Where they recognise that in the recruiting world the individual is as important, if not more important than the corporate brand.

Craig Fisher will be giving a keynote presentation at this year’s ATC on The Next Frontier for Social Recruiting- Top Tips you can’t live without. Delegates will lean how to be more personal online, how to reach out and attract candidates better, tell better stories, improve their optimisation, efficiency and results. More information on his session and registration details can be found here
Craig along with co-presenter Martin Warren will also be running a series in depth  LinkedIn MasterClasses, running in Sydney and Melbourne. You can find out more here

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