Are You Telling Stories?

We are all the hero of our own story. We all want to know that our journey, our lessons, and our triumphs will bring us to a ‘happily ever after’. In a previous newsletter, we talked about the power of storytelling as a tool for improving your recruitment marketing. Today’s articles take this further, and explore, amongst other themes, the idea of making the candidate and our employees the heros of our recruitment marketing stories, rather than the employer.
Our feature article is a discussion with  Paul Jacobs, from Jobgram, who in my opinion is a creative genius.  Paul wants to change your paradigm about job advertising, to think about how you can inject storytelling, and use visual aids more effectively, and to think about what’s important to the job seeker audience.  His comments are very insightful and I really encourage you to read this article.
Last year at SST2014, Matt Charney presented a session on using your blog to tell a story. In his blog he provides some good tips on how to ‘produce content that’s worth reading’.  I’ve also found a great slideshare by Scott Schwetly, on the Nueroscience of Storytelling – where he shows the power of telling a story versus presenting facts alone.
I’ve included a chat we recorded with Prue and Inari, who briefly shared the story of how Sunglass Hut used insightful and innovative assessment to help them manage their volume recruitment.
I hope you enjoy the read.  And next time you attempt to write a job advertisement, or some recruitment marketing, ask yourself:  “Are we telling the right stories?”

—- Are You Telling The Right Stories? —-

Paul Jacobs blog
Interview With Paul Jacobs – Death Notice or Job Ad? If You Can’t Tell The Difference It’s Time To Change Your Thinking
Jenni Nelson – The Story Of How Sunglass Hut Used Assessment To Improve Their Volume Hiring
Matt Charney – Using Your Blog To Tell A Story
Lucy Fisher – The Secret To Activating Your Audience’s Brain
ATC Events – Can Storytelling Improve Your Recruitment Marketing?
ATC2015 Banner with Harrier

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