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Last week, we asked you, our community of recruiters, to put on your thinking hats and tell us what Talent topic you would most like us to include during our next Talent event – and you didn’t disappoint!
Some of your suggestions are aimed at addressing the current Talent Management issues we are facing, while others have a more ‘future-oriented” tone to them. It was a great mix of entries and we did have a hard time deciding the winner.
But picked a winner we did, and his name is Adam Taylor from Macquarie Group! Here’s his entry for the competition:

“I would like to see a presentation on new AI and how it will impact the recruitment process for standard volume recruiters (screening, advertising, 1st interview, testing etc.) with a semi qualified time line on how long those processes will take to be standard in our market.”

Adam’s entry was a combination of practicality and currency. It is specific to one of the biggest trends (or some would call it a problem!) recruiters are facing today as we try to figure out how automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can help us manage candidate experience better. It also calls for the need to validate the impact of AI on the recruitment process and the projected timeline for implementation.
Thank you so much Adam for the great suggestion and because of that, you’ll be attending the Australasian Talent Conference 2017 for FREE! Congratulations!
And to the rest of you who’d submitted entries – thank you so much for your support as well. We really appreciate your time and effort and we also hope that you’re enjoying the new website experience. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve further.

Less than ONE week to go! Wrack your brains over the biggest questions and tackle the biggest challenges in talent acquisition, only at The Australasian Talent Conference. Tickets available here.

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