PS. The Boss Is Rude And A Grouch

Why does your EVP need to be authentic? Should you tell it warts and all?

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When I started in recruiting in the early 90’s, I was blessed to be coached by a recruitment giant, Nicholas Byrne. Nicholas was larger than life, he was loud and uncompromising, and he put the fear of God into our recruitment consultants.
He also had a LOT of knowledge and wisdom about how to be a great recruiter – I learned so much from him.
Nicholas used to tell a story about his secretary who was fed up with working for him and quit. Her resignation letter went something along the lines of “I work 12 hours a day and eat lunch at my desk… P.S. You are rude and a grouch.” In a brilliant strock of genius, Nicholas used this letter as a basis for his job ad for her replacement: “Work 12 hours a day; Eat lunch at your desk. P.S. the Boss is rude and a grouch”. The ad response was overwhelming – keep in mind we are talking print advertising – his ad was a success and his new secretary stayed.
So why am I telling you this? Nicholas knew that when it comes to describing a job opportunity, authenticity matters. This is still true today, especially when it comes to developing your Employer Brand and EVP. Mas Bianchi, Group Manager for Marketing and Communications, Monadelphous Group, explores this theme in the first of her two part blog series: “Employer Branding – over-used words or something more?”
Authenticity is a theme that we will take up at our ATC2015 Recruitment is Marketing conference in June. We have some wonderful speakers who will share their insights, including Bill Boorman with this cheeky topic “Every Time Someone Mentions the Acronym EVP a Puppy Dies”, Master Burnett, in his pre-conference workshop “‘Honest Marketing’ the Organisation to Attract the Right Talent” and Todd Wheatland in his conference session “The New HRM: HR + Marketing”.
I’ll leave you some words of wisdom from one of Bill Boorman’s unblogs “All of your culture branding efforts should be about showing the good, the bad and ugly of working in your company. That way fewer people apply. The numbers go down, but the right people apply. The people who stay and survive.”
Trevor Vas, Director, ATC Events
P.S. For those of you who happen to read Japanese, an article I wrote was translated and published on a Japanese blog this week. Lets hope my words translated better than my picture. I like to think that my words were so wise that they assumed they must have come from a much older man. Or perhaps, like Oliver Cromwell asked, they’ve painted my authentic self- “warts and all”.
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