Why Caring Still (And Always Will) Matter

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Ensuring an appropriate amount of “Candidate Care” during the recruitment process is not a new or earth shattering concept. This process; which can be viewed as simply customer service, is really about representing your organisation (it’s read brand). In a way that is respectful and courteous to the candidate irrespective whether they have been successful or unsuccessful in the recruitment process.
The old analogy of “tea cup of jobs” and “fire hose of candidates” describes what many recruitment functions experience. Unfortunately this combination of volume of candidates, shortage of time and enabled screening technology, mean that providing a personal approach is not always possible or desirable. However, everyone needs to be acknowledged, considered fairly on their merits in relation to the position and importantly understand the status of our application so that we can make decisions regarding our application and career.
The test for me is if you would be embarrassed or annoyed if one of your siblings, relations, or friends received sub-optimal service as a candidate. If this occurs, then the Candidate Care is lacking. Whether or not you’re a consumer brand where your candidates are your clients, everyone deserves the courtesy mentioned above. Everyone deerves to be treated with respect.
This is an issue that can be addressed in multiple ways, and one that has ongoing impact to your organisation. This is the issue I’m looking at this week, firstly with an article by Michele Ellner, who shares four great tips based on recent research to improve your organisation’s hiring success (spoiler, candidate care is important) that you can implement immediately -no project plan, committee, budget or RFP neccessary. For those of you who want more information on boosting your hiring success without having to increase spend, Montage has released a free eBook on doing more for less. You can download it here.
Fiona Anson shares some great “postcards” that most candidates would love to send but don’t have the courage to, and Matt Charney takes a different look at the issue through the eyes of a marketer, and where organisations need to be spending their dollars in ‘Big Data Small Minds‘.
In the world of diversity, our friends at Harrier have released a new white paper exploringAustralia’s current gender landscape, what it should look like, and strategies to ensure you achieve diversity success.
Kevin Wheeler reports on what he’s seeing in the evolution of workforce models, and why its happening in ‘What’s Happened To Work’. Kevin will be visiting us next week to join Bill Boorman and I at #truMelbourne on the 2nd, and #truSydney on the 4th. There are a few spots left for those of you you wish to join the discussion.
Ross Clennett, MC from our Melbourne #SST2014 and Mark Tortorici our keynote speaker at the event, summerise their key takeaways from the conferences this week with “Are You Delivering Niche Marketing or Corporate Blanding?” and “It’s Australian for Sourcing Mate”. Good reads for those of you who missed out on the event.
Finally, an article by Gwen Moran on why those who are thankful are happier and healthier.
On that note, a huge thank you to all of you who made all our events this year such a success. I hope we were able to learn from each other for many years to come.
– Trevor Vas, Founder & Director, ATC Events
PS. We’ve given our ATC website a makeover and our blog it’s own home, we’d love you to take a look around.
PPS. I will be running a webinar with Chris McDonald from Indeed on Metrics Driven Recruitment on the 3rd of December, where we will be discussing how source tracking can help improve your hiring strategy and overall quality of hire, and how metrics driven recruitment can improve the overall candidate experience.
You can register for the webinar here.

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