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Innovation in technology has always raced ahead of ‘the world as we know it’ – causing disruption for those who can’t keep up.  In 2015 we are facing a world of increased automation, data, and robotics. An on demand world of uber and airbnb where the competition for jobs will be fiercer, and our candidates more innovative than ever before. Our job is to ensure that despite all the disruption, we can do what we’ve always done – help our organisations find the best talent that will help them ride the storm of change.


Two weeks ago we ran our ATC Discovery sessions in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on the topic of Mobile Recruitment.  The common theme amongst all the groups was the struggle between wanting to be innovative and engage with candidates where they are, wanting to use all the tools and platforms now available to us, but not having the processes to support these initiatives. Sure you could buy a sexy looking mobile recruitment app that can be filled out by scraping data from a candidate’s Instagram, but how can that be captured in your current ATS? What if you implement a one click process but your hiring manager still demands a CV? What happens if your mobile recruitment process is just an optimised 8 page document that’s nearly impossible to fill out on a screen?

What happens when the innovation you seek meets your current recruitment process? What happens when you know that the times are changing, but your recruitment process won’t allow you to innovate?

This is one of the issues we’ll be tackling over the next few weeks on atchub, and discussing at #ATC2015 in Sydney and Auckland. Tomorrow on atchub, Stan Rolf will share his experience of when candidate creativity and innovation met his ATS. On Friday we’ll have an interview with Amy Cato who stresses the importance of utilising a diverse talent pool in these times, and on Monday Hassanah Rudd will discuss how she ensures her team are as innovative and forward looking as they can be.
This week Mas Bianchi, Group Manager at Monadelphous Group asks whether your performance measures are compromising innovation and quality. Kevin also had a chance to sit down with Mike Bailen, former Head of Talent at Zappos, and current Director of Recruiting at Eventbrite who discusses why now is such an exciting time to be in recruitment.


We at the ATC have not been immune to the changes in our landscape. When we first started the ATC in 2009 it was with a desire to increase the strength and knowledge of the Talent Management community in Australia and New Zealand by preparing them for major trends set to affect the future of work. We were lucky that back then a single marketing email could garner 30 or 40 registrations. Now the competition for your attention is so fierce that I’m lucky you’re even reading this blog.
Though our methods have changed, the purpose of the ATC has not. Over the next coming weeks we will be focusing less on this newsletter, and more on bringing you daily content to help you. From interviews with HR leaders here and abroad, to white papers and tips to assist you in navigating these changing times, as well as invitations to free, round table discussions where you can discuss challenges with your industry peers.
We hope that in a small way we can help you in your journey to prepare your organisations for innovation, to start gathering the data you need to change mindsets, to find the best technology to assist your processes and share your learnings with your industry peers.
PS. In light of the ever increasing battle to get your candidate’s attention, we are running a free webinar with the always entertaining and insightful Bill Boorman and Duncan McIntyre from Indeed on ‘Winning The Battle For Job Visibility: What Makes People Click” on Wednesday the 20th of May. Join us as we share insight into how people search and apply for jobs, and how you can optimise your online recruiting efforts. You can register for this free webinar here.


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Kevin Interview Mike Bailen – Why Now Is An Exciting Time To Be In Recruitment
Mas Bianchi – Are Your Performance Measures Compromising Innovation and Quality?
Michele Ellner- What Your Job Candidates May Be Thinking (But Not Saying)
Jenni Nelson – Recruitment, Social Media and The Law
ATC Events- What Makes People Click? Winning the Battle for Job Visibility

ATC Events is calling on HR professionals in Australia and New Zealand to participate in our 2015 study on Cost-Per-Hire. This study will look at how Acquisition Functions in our region  measure and report on their Cost-Per-Hire data, in relation to permanent hires. Information collected in the survey will be compiled into a report which we will share in June.

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