This Week in Talent (8 Nov)

Why are your employer branding efforts failing? Why is it not always about hiring the best? How can you get the most out of Microsoft Word (yes, there’s still much more to learn), and more. Check out what else we found for you this week.
Enjoy these musings!

Employer branding doesn’t work

Author Ragne Maasel says that most employer branding efforts go wrong because we fail to see its connection to business, culture, HR, leadership and organisation development. To get over this, companies need to understand the difference between employer branding and culture hacking. What do you think?

How to build amazing development teams

Clue: It’s not always about hiring the best developers. Read on to learn more about what other factors you should be considering.

What I’ve learned in 100 days; jumping from major corporate to self-employment.

Friend of ATC and Talent leader Rebecca Houghton reflects on 100 days of working for herself and realises being competitive is so out of date. Sounds ironic? There’s a good reason behind it – read on to find out.

6 ways you can get more out of Microsoft Word

Though most of us use it every day, there’s still a lot to learn. How can you add a little bit more design polish to your otherwise drab looking offer letter? Click to find out.

How Google CEO Sundar Pichai should have responded to the massive employee walkout

This is fast becoming a classic case study for how not to handle sexual harassment cases. In the end, it’s all about taking responsibility and speaking personally says Prudy Gourguechon.

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