This Week in Talent (22 Nov)

This week we look at a radical plan that is being talked up as the solution for unemployment, explore a list of go-to interview questions that will help you assess your candidates better, take a fascinating look into the world’s largest recruitment drive, and more. Check out what else we found for you this week.
Enjoy these musings!

A radical plan to give every Australian a job who wants one is gaining momentum

US economist Stephanie Kelton says the guarantee of government-funded jobs will solve the issue of unemployment and eliminate the indirect costs associated with it. Sounds pretty legit until we got to the part about how this plan can be funded. It sure is radical, read to find out more and let us know what you think!

LinkedIn Top Voices 2018: Australia

The movers and shakers in Australia’s LinkedIn-sphere in 2018 – check them out for some inspiration.

Starbucks’ former HR exec says a job candidate’s answer to a simple interview question predicts success better than their entire resume

The key is to find evidence of a growth mindset according to Traci Wilkclick to find out more. We also recently asked our very own Talent leaders what their go-to interview questions are and if you are after more ideas on how to approach that star candidate, this is a must read.

Indian Railways hiring! World’s largest recruitment drive now underway

23 million applicants, 127,000 vacant positions – it’s mind-boggling. Fascinating insight into the largest recruitment drive in the world. Coincidentally Richard Barnett at the recent Contingent Workforce Workshops also spoke about India Railways as an example of volume recruitment, talk about putting things in perspective when comparing to what we are seeing here. 🙂

Australia’s first visual employment contracts launched

When engaging Talent, a picture is worth thousand words – true that and Aurecon has put this into actual practice when they replaced words with visuals in their employment contracts. We thought that is so cool, check them out in this article. Thanks Chloe Field for the share!

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