This Week in Talent (21 Feb)

This week we found an in depth review of the AmazingHiring sourcing tool, a guide on how we can segment our candidate audience effectively, a list of things we can do to battle “diversity fatigue”, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

LinkedIn is moving its core Talent tools onto one platform

You might have already heard about LinkedIn launching their live streaming service (finally), the platform is also rolling out over 15 new product enhancements in the middle of 2019. Find out more in this article.

Build, buy, borrow, or…

Howard Gray in this article introduces a fourth element to the discussion and brings the debate back to a much more fundamental level. Definitely puts some perspective into what we have been discussing in our office recently about the pros/cons of building vs. buying vs. borrowing Talent.

Why (and how) recruiters should segment their audience

The reasons for segmenting candidate audience are plenty but the difficulty lies in how we can do it effectively. Read on to learn more.

5 reasons why SMS provides a better recruiting experience

The future of recruitment is in the palm of your hand and here are five compelling reasons why SMS recruiting might be the way to go. Do you agree?

You’ve committed to increasing gender diversity on your board. Here’s how to make it happen.

Results from the PwC 2018 Annual Corporate Directors survey reveal that approximately half of its respondents are showing signs of “diversity fatigue”. So where do we go from here? Here are five things we can do, have a read.

My essential recruitment tools: AmazingHiring

In depth review of the AmazingHiring tool by Matěj Matolín. If you are looking for a new people aggregator tool that can help you source large volumes of technical candidates across different platforms, this is an article you need to check out.

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