This Week in Talent (15 Nov)

Can we use AI on executive Talent Acquisition? LinkedIn is launching a new generation of Company Pages – what can we expect? Check out what else we found for you this week.
Enjoy these musings!

How Artificial Intelligence can be applied to executive Talent Acquisition

We learned at ATC2018 that AI can help TA leaders manage low level recruitment tasks that will reduce their time-to-hire. But how can this technology evolve to offer the high touch service that is required for hiring executive level Talent? How can you leverage on this tech and what should you be prioritising now to make this happen? Read on to find out.

Introducing the new LinkedIn pages

LinkedIn has just announced the next generation of Linkedin Company Pages with an increased focus on engagement and it now comes with a powerful new content suggestion feature to help you foster more active conversations between you and your followers. Has anyone had the chance to try yet? Love to hear your thoughts!

Forget hiring great people until you fire your lousy managers

70 percent of workers who voluntarily leave their jobs so do because of a bad boss – that’s incredible. And if this is a familiar situation you are facing, maybe it’s time to do something about it. Read on to find out how you can identify these managers and what you can do improve the situation.

How old is it?

A handy tool for tech recruiters showing how long a programming language has been around for so you don’t go around making a fool of yourself asking ridiculous demands. 🙂

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