This Week in Talent Acquisition (22 Feb)

This week: testing the many theories about A.I. and automation, the danger of referrals, some key insights from a former advisor to President Barack Obama, and more.
Enjoy this week’s issue people!

The world’s largest people search engine

Pipl is the largest People Search Engine in the world and is usually used by banks and insurance firms to verify applicants. Now Sourcers are using it for its capacity to search 3 billion people worldwide and in most instances, provide contact info including mobile phone numbers. Happy Sourcing!

The start of the curve

Predictions, crystal balls, automation, AI, jobs gone! Instead of attempting to predict what AI & automation will do to jobs, Adzuna takes different approach by examining vacancy levels since 2015 to see if automation has indeed affected jobs. Check out their whitepaper

Amazon’s unusual offer: Paying workers to quit

Is it worth $5,000 to get a disillusion employee to move on from your company? Amazon thinks it is, could be an interesting strategy to keep staff longer.

Employers beware: The unintended consequences of Employee Referrals

Are you relying on referrals for most of your hires? Research has shown that whilst you might get more engaged employees, you lose out on diversity. What can you do?

5 top tips to help you hire and retain talent

Gary Turner, co-founder of accounting software firm Xero, has done his fair share of hiring and here, he shares what he knows about attracting and retaining Talent.

Candidate Experience…what does it really mean?

An actual case study on how to improve candidate experience. Thanks to our friend Alana Bennett @ oOh! Media for the sharing her insights.

What I know about fulfilling potential: Matthew Barzun

Success is not about winning arguments, says Matthew Barzun. Matthew is best known as former advisor to President Barack Obama and he gives an insightful interview on what he’d learnt about inspiring others and those who have inspired his own success. There is some gold in here.

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