This Week in Talent (15 March)

This week we talk about the top ATSes used by employers today, a uni student’s guide to how you (yes you the TA professional) can get the most out of university graduate recruitment events, and the good news & the bad news about gender pay gap.
Enjoy these musings!

The top 100 applicant tracking systems in 2018

An annual report from Ongig on the top ATSes used by employers today, categorised by market usage, hiring volume and growth. We love these reports because they’re a fantastic overview of the market and a handy guide if you’re looking for a new ATS.

How to get the most out of university recruitment events

Did you know that labelling your event a “networking opportunity” is enough to put some students off attending? Take it from this Uni student’s fantastic article about just that. Organisations who are into grad recruitment should take note.

Delivering through diversity

McKinsey reexamines the business case for diversity & inclusion in this follow up to their 2015 Why Diversity Matters report and makes a convincing case for diversity beyond gender. The four imperatives listed here are essential reading if you are aiming to run successful diversity & inclusion strategies.

The good news about gender pay gap

Energy Australia, at least, is putting its money where its mouth is, and spending $1.5 million bringing women’s pay in their workforce in line with their male counterparts.

The bad news about the gender pay gap

Progress has been made in some sectors to reduce the gender pay gap but issues remain, especially in the Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services sector where the equivalent pay gap has risen by 2 percent to 31.4 percent. But all hope isn’t lost, this report listed six ways your organisation can adapt and work your way to gender pay equity.

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