This Week in Talent Acquisition (1 Mar)

This week’s all about diversity, the perils and positives of candidate experience, how to Engage Candidates and Influence People, and more.
Enjoy the read people!

Doubling down on diversity

“If there is one thing that I have learned on the topic of diversity, it is that the starting point in any conversation, however obvious, is to get everyone to acknowledge that it is not a level playing field out there, professionally or in life. You would be shocked at how hard it is to get everyone aligned on this fundamental truth.”

The 2016-17 Talent Board APAC (Asia-Pacific) Candidate Experience Research Report Is Here

The global trend continues: candidates who believe they have had a negative overall experience will take their alliance, product purchases and relationship somewhere else. Use this report for benchmarking your current hiring processes and discover how you can further refine them.

Facebook turns the definition of a Product Manager inside out by hiring a psychology major for the role

Is this possible? Facebook developed a Rotational Product Manager (RPM) programme to introduce people with non-technical backgrounds to product management roles and to help build up its base of talent from diverse backgrounds. Could this be the solution to the diversity problem in the IT sector?

The Psychology of Texts in Recruitment

Jan Tegze, the author of and give us intriguing look into how your digital screen writing style has a huge impact on your engagement. Well-researched, extremely useful, and a timely reminder to keep your audience in mind when creating content.

Why PwC created an app to build the workforce future, today

US Talent Acquisition Leader, Rod Adams SPHR says ”At PwC,  we need a global workforce that can innovate, “speak digital” and solve problems for clients in new ways.” Recognizing a skill gap, they’ve launched a new mobile app that allows staff to take a “digital fitness” assessment to identify strengths and areas of focus for digital training.

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