This Week in Talent (9th June)

Hello again!

Happy Pride Month, and welcome to WINTER! It’s so icy over this side of Australia at the moment. I just invested in a fancy new knitted vest which I am very excited about. How do you know you’re getting old… when a new woolen vest makes you jump for joy.

I’m also thinking about knitting myself a cardigan this winter. My friend introduced me to Wool And The Gang and I’m so keen now for a new winter hobby. Yes, I started hip hop dancing last winter (4 classes), and then my summer hobby was meant to be surfing … which didn’t happen. But I really feel that knitting for winter this year is my calling. It’s a hobby I will DEFINITELY stick to in an ongoing capacity forever and always I reckon.

So this week I’m sharing the next installment of how I approached the recent recruitment campaign for my team – how I designed the assessment tools and my thought process behind them. You can find that here because it’s too long to put into this Editor’s Note. I love to talk/type.

Anyways as always, keen to hear your thoughts! What has worked well for you in the past when recruiting recruitment professionals?

‘Employee-driven revolution’: Workers reluctant to head back to the office

Research shows that what you’re experiencing now in the “hybrid world” is how things are going to stay. People are reluctant to increase their in-office days any more than what they’re doing currently.

The world’s biggest four-day work week pilot begins

*Crosses fingers* Please let this take off in Australia, please let this take off in Australia, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

A Guide to Using Pronouns and Other Gender-Inclusive Language in the Office

If you’re not sure where to start with pronouns or want to further your knowledge of gender-inclusive language this is a really useful tool! I am personally trying my darndest not to say “guys” anymore when referring to a group of people, and I reckon I’ve almost removed it from my vocabulary now. All it takes is a little effort!

Klarna reduced their workforce, then decided to post the list of affected employees online

I get the idea here – a “goldmine” for recruiters. There’s a long list of people that Klarna have made redundant available for the world to interact with, and they are based all over the world! It even includes their working preferences (hybrid, remote etc). 

ANZ introduces paid gender affirmation leave for staff

In a trend that I am absolutely living for, ANZ has shown that they are a safe place for trans and gender diverse people to work.

Make way for Gen Z: Young Australians are rewriting the rules of work

Gotta love Gen Z preferring to do good for the world than work for big corporates.

Six common questions about supporting Indigenous employees for Reconciliation Week

With Reconciliation Week happening last week, there was some excellent content happening on the interwebs. This was a great read – how to be a better ally to First Nations people that you know, and support your employees when they need to take Sorry Business.

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