This Week in Talent (9 May)

This week we found a list of most absurd job titles in tech 😅, the mistakes to avoid when hiring graduates and sales leaders, how we can make less (or no) decisions but still get work done, and more. Check ’em out!
Enjoy these musings!

The 25 most absurd job titles in tech

This trend seems to have infiltrated all industries and is showing no signs of disappearing. Would you hire a “Weekend Happiness Concierge”? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Facebook VP says this is an immediate ‘red flag’ in a job interview

Julie Zhuo, VP of product design at Facebook, shares her one red flag for hiring top graduates and it makes much sense. Click to learn more.

The 2019 best companies for multicultural women

Are you working for one of these companies? Progress has been slow but hey, that’s still progress right? Have a look.

4 mistakes companies make when hiring sales leaders

Turnover hurts sales, positions may sit empty while new employees learn the ropes and rebuild relationships. And judging by the increasingly modest tenure of employees in their roles, it is crucial that we make the right decisions when hiring. Must read.

10 surprising stats you didn’t know about content on LinkedIn

If LinkedIn is your key source-of-hire, then this one is for you. Check out the infographic to find out where you should be investing your resources in.

The lean workplace: work fewer hours, communicate less, make no decisions

Can you really make no decisions but still get things done? Apparent yes. The principles of the lean workplace might be more applicable for smaller firms, but the underlying concept of minimalism is a mindset from which any business can benefit. An intriguing read.

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