This Week in Talent (9 Apr)

Easter weekend is almost upon us so let us send you off to continued self isolation with a few good reads. 😉

We have an insightful piece exploring the future of work and how it will affect TA, a guide for onboarding new employees virtually, the 25 questions you should be asking now to prepare for candidate interviews when everything is back to normal, and more!

How will work evolve?

Interesting piece exploring how the workforce might look like in the near future. Will this crisis be the catalyst to overcoming bias finally now that we seeing more of our coworkers working in their natural home environment? Will we become more human now that we have been shown to be more vulnerable than before? Have a read.

How to onboard new employees when you are all working from home

We know some of you are still hiring certain roles out there that are essential to sustaining your business and would be heavily reliant on technology. Here are some key steps to take to develop and implement a successful virtual onboarding process. Check it out.  

The BIG recovery

How should we prepare for candidate interviews after the pandemic? William Tincup shares the 25 questions we should be asking ourselves now.

16 metrics you need to focus on when reviewing your LinkedIn analytics

If you are finding yourself in need of shaping up a new Talent attraction strategy on your LinkedIn company page, understanding your audience and what they perceive as valuable is a good place to start. This article details the metrics you should be looking at.

LinkedIn offers free job postings for ‘essential’ positions

The platform will promote critical front-line healthcare roles and list those openings on a central site for COVID-19 relief work opportunities.

The Easter Bunny is an essential worker, says Jacinda Ardern

While Australia hunkers down to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, the Easter Bunny is considered an essential worker in New Zealand. NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, continues to win hearts with her compassionate handling of the crisis.

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