This Week in Talent (7 Nov)

This week we share tips on spotting fake resumes, a video featuring kids answering adult interview questions (we had a good chuckle :)). how can we thrive as TA professionals in 2025, and more!

Interviewing – tips on spotting fakes

Are you interviewing IT developers? Here are some very useful tips on helping you hire the right candidates. Check it out.

New report: 7 predictions on how recruiting will be different in 2025

We know our roles will change, but how will it change and what do we need to do to prepare ourselves for the change? Check out this report from LinkedIn to find out more.

Kids’ best answers to job interview questions

This made us chuckle. But on a serious note, it also showed that the traditional interview process and interview questions are not enough to accurately assess candidates for a job. We need to do more.

The 25 best companies for women to work at, ranked

Work is still challenging for women – but some companies are more female-friendly than others. Did your organisation make the list?

Microsoft Japan experimented with a four-day work week. Productivity soared 40 per cent

With lesser number of work days in a week, is it any wonder there is an increase in productivity as people need to work harder to get things done within a shorter period of time? It sure helps the organisation reduce electricity and office resources but what about the employee? Food for thought.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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