This Week in Talent (6th October)

Oh my god, HIIIIIII! I’m back for the month of October to deliver the TWIT to you.

Lordy what fun little talent things have I been up to recently? WELL …

  • We successfully launched our first ever summer internship program (woo hoo)
  • Completed Talent Acquisition user experience journey mapping, process mapping, pin pointed all the bottle necks and we’re slowly chipping away at those now (double woo hoo)
  • Piloted some different approaches to recruitment where we aimed to recruit people with transferable skills, rather than relying solely on previous experience (triple woo hoo hoo)
  • Had a bunch of fun team bonding nights – in particular, I highly recommend taking your team to a comedy show. We went to a comedy night at The Comedy Republic on Bourke St with 6 different comedians who get 10 minutes each to make you laugh, and my lordy it was a riot.

I’ve honestly had such a great couple of months, and super happy to share my favourite articles with you all again for a guest appearance in the month of October.

BUT first things first … you should all know that my birthday is this Saturday the 8th of October. Yes, I’ll be taking birthday well wishes and presents. No, I am not ashamed to celebrate my own birthday with glee. I used to be embarrassed about it, and I’d always just work through the day and not tell anyone but also I’d secretly resent the fact no one knew or had wished me a happy birthday. EVEN though it was my own fault for not telling anyone. A lose lose situation.

ANYWAY … I realised how annoying it is when people don’t tell ME their birthday. If someone at work had a birthday that I wasn’t aware of, and I found out later in the day and it was too late to buy cake or celebrate. So annoying! And rude, tbh. How dare they.

Also … we only have a limited bunch of birthdays, and we really need to be making the most them. A whole day to celebrate ourselves! This year my birthday is on a weekend, but if it’s ever on a working day I usually I take the day off work and I go and get a facial. Or I take myself for lunch. Or a movie. It’s a Jody day that I unashamadely love to celebrate. And you should too.

If you are reading this and you are someone that hides your birthday from people … don’t. Cause it’s annoying for birthday lovers like me! Accept the cake. Take all the presents. Arrange the day off and treat yourself!

Enjoy this week’s articles 🙂

Some WFH Employees Have a Secret: They Now Live in Another Country

Cheeky buggers! Imagine relocating to a remote tropical island paradise, and then being asked to come into the office for a team collaboration day. Eeeeeek awkward.

Survey in Japan Finds Half of Companies Have Morale-Draining Slacker “Ojisan”

Ever wondered what to call a middle aged man who does no work and sucks up all the fun and energy in the office? The Japanese do! I’m sure we’ve all worked with an Ojisan in our time …

2 million Aussies set to leave their jobs

Whaaaaat?! The Great Resignation (TGR) threatened us all, kinda happened, turned into the Great Reshuffle, died down, transformed into Quiet Quitting, and now TGR is looming it’s ugly head again? I can’t keep up …

Want to do your job from paradise? These countries are offering ‘digital nomad visas’

More and more countries are jumping on this band wagon, and I’m here for it. Although I won’t be working as a digital nomad anytime soon – who would look after my furry greyhound son? I will live vicariously through anyone that decides to take this up, and would actually love to chat to anyone that is looking into it!

It’s the 90’s and you’re the leading lady in a Nora Ephron rom com – A Playlist

A very good playlist to kick off the October vibes and make your day better <3

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