This Week in Talent (6 June)

Here’s what we found for you this week – a list of interview questions to help you assess for culture fit, an excellent, reflective article from Air New Zealand TA leader, Matthew Bosher, on the skills and experiences that contributed to his success, a fascinating study on Gen Z’s views about employment, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

Moving from Talent Acquisition to generalist HR

Matthew Bosher, in this article, offers an excellent insight into the skills and experiences that made him a successful TA leader. One line, in particular, stood out for us – “To be competitive, we need to be more empathetic, very human, digitally-enabled, simpler, faster and more delightful (easier to do business with)—not just deliver the core service.” Food for thought, everyone.

10 culture fit interview questions—and what to look for in the answers

Need ideas for assessing candidates’ alignment to your organisation’s core values? Check out this list of interview questions from Google Hire. Makes for a great starting point as you strive towards culture add. Check it out.

2019 Yello recruiting study – introducing the first graduating class of Generation Z

Fascinating study on Gen Z conducted by recruitment TA platform Yello. Even though Gen Z acknowledges that technologies do make life easier, they seem to have very little tolerance for hiring companies who refuse to adapt to the times. You have to check out this report.

Sephora closes all US stores for diversity training after racial profiling allegation

Hot on the heels of Starbucks, it’s now Sephora’s turn to shut down stores for diversity training. Does diversity training actually work? We are not sure. But it is better to have it than not have it we guess. What do you think?

3 golden rules when recruiting

This same LinkedIn post was apparently shared in a space of 24 hours. Lessons learned – only hire the candidate who turns up 15 minutes late and soaked. If they are on time, throw water on the best candidate and make him/her wait 15 minutes. Then share the story on LinkedIn after. Check out the post. 😂

How to resolve the office temperature debate

This news has been making its way around the world and somehow it has become a men vs women debate. Did office temperate just became a sexism issue? Well, we know there is no sure win for either sides but there is a way to move forward. Click to find out more.

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