This Week in Talent (5th May)

Hi there, friends!

This week I’ve been focused on finalising recruitment for the new additions (and promotions) to my TA Team and working on process improvement across TA. It’s actually been such a fun week, even though I’m still battling the aftermath of COVID (aka tired, sniffly, etc).

Looking at process improvements has been SO much fun. We have engaged a contractor to help us with it, and we’re at the ‘exploration of current state’ stage, where I get to vent about all the things that could be better about our process that I’d LOVE to fix if I had the time. It will be so good to get some experience maps done, identify some areas for improvement, and make our team the BEST in Melbourne (not that I’m biased).

A little story/rant: one of my best friends, who also works in TA, has been really struggling this week at work. She works for an organisation that, on face value, does some really amazing things for the world. However, the way they treat her is … literally appalling. To the point where I might have to go down there myself and start throwing fisty cuffs – it makes me SO angry. Despite that, she sticks around because of the amazing work the organisation does. It really got me thinking about where we draw the line on what we will put up with, compared to where our values lie?

Have you ever had conflicting values with the organisation you work for? Or found that the values that they spruik, they don’t live by at all? Have you ever loved the work you do, but hated the people you work for? It made me realise the power of employee experience – if they just treated her right and listened to her ideas they would be kicking some amazing goals as a business. If they simply lived by their own values … then she would be telling me all about how amazing it is to work there (which I would be telling YOU about) instead of the opposite.

Treat your people right, please. They are human beings! Anyway… rant over. Thanks for listening to my TED talk 😉

On that note – Zen Jody recommends this week that you listen to this. Absolutely divine for when you’re having a moment, doing some meditation, or just need some chillout time to get some work done with the divine sounds of the forest in your ears. <3

72% of Survey Respondents Say They’ve Experienced “Shift Shock”

Have you heard of shift shock? Where someone starts a new role, and realises that the role is nothing like what they were expecting? It’s something that’s become quite common, particularly recently where a lot of people were sold the dream when starting remotely and are now being forced back into the office. An interesting read.

How the battle for talent is widening the pay gap

We all know what the market is like right now … candidates are naming their prices, and we’re paying. But that will change eventually. And what we’re left with is massive pay gaps within the business that probably isn’t fair to the workers who just happened to start before the “talent shortage” took place?

Salesforce introduces $55,000 package for transgender employees

Oh my god YES! THIS IS IT! This is what we want to see. Claps for Salesforce.

It’s official: HR professionals are finally burnt out

I was talking about this with someone today – HR and TA have been busy supporting employees throughout the pandemic, and backfilling positions … but who is looking after the wellbeing of the people that look after the wellbeing of the business?

Podcast: Negotiating Strategically

This is great – whether you’re negotiating salary with a candidate (or for yourself), or negotiating with someone to get a fancy TA project across the line. This poddie was a great little listen!

Law firm says staff can work from home – for 20% less pay

Yikes … would you take a pay cut to WFH full time? :S

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