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Jody Smith
Jody Smith

I have a fun and useful story to share with you all. A few weeks back I put a call out to the TWIT universe wanting to speak to anyone that had designed, launched, run or been part of an employee ambassador program – and someone responded. Oh boy was it super useful. I was able to pick her brain on all things #AmbassadorLife, and I took a whole A4 page of notes to take back to my own project team and dazzle them with new ideas (that weren’t mine)!

It got me thinking … why don’t we use this TWIT space as a talent acquisition matchmaking service? TA Tinder? The idea is – if you’re working on something new, and you just wish you could chat to someone about it … I’M YA GAL! Let me know if there’s something you’d love to speak to someone else about and I’ll hook you up.

In other news – this video got me thinking about how much I love to peep other people’s homes when they’re having a video meeting with me. No one is safe. I scan people’s surroundings in meetings and try to find things to talk to them about (hence where my inspo for TA Cribs came from). Today I was chatting with someone who had a shelf behind them covered in beautiful plants, and now … I’ve decided to rearrange my desk area to try and assemble something similar. There’s something about having a plant in the background of your video chat that really just adds a little ‘sumthin sumthin’ to a typically boring business meeting.

So that’s it from me this week. Don’t forget to reach out if you’ve got a project or something you’re working on you’d love to pick someone’s brains about. Hit me up here.

Does Your Shortlist Meet The Rooney Rule?

I hadn’t heard of the Rooney Rule, but thought it was definitely worth a share! The Rooney Rule is where at least one woman and one underrepresented minority is to be considered in a shortlist for a position. Would love to know if anyone has used this rule before and seen success? As a TA person, I know how hard it is to convince stakeholders that this is a good idea. So … TA Tinder – hit me up if you’ve done it and it worked well!

11 Leaders Share Their Insights: How Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Join Forces To Provide The Model Candidate Experience

We love a multi person article with different thoughts, insights and advice. I particularly like the point made by Charlotte Marshall around making sure your PD’s and adverts are specific so that you don’t have to send as many rejection emails. Candidates will self select out if they truly don’t have the skills for the role. This article is particularly good and useful if you work in TA and want to improve your candidate experience.

How To Stay Calm In Stressful Situations When You Can’t Stay Calm In Relaxing Ones

A tongue in cheek article, with some real tips on how to stop yourself from melting down when something stressful happens.

How The Delta Variant Is Delaying The Return To The Office For Big Tech

Almost everyone in Australia has experienced the ripple effects the Delta variant has had in our communities – including the ‘on again’ ‘off again’ return to the office. Some big tech companies in the US have put a halt on asking anyone to come back in until more people are vaccinated. Good call!

Virtual Office Startup Teamflow Raises $35 Million To Bring Informal Collaboration To Hybrid Work


Better Meetings Make for Better Days

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE a cheeky “Tips and Hints” sheet. I’m all about making things better for people – so here’s another one to throw in the mix. Why not make your virtual meetings more betterer.

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