This Week in Talent (5 Sep)

The Google Hire fallout continues this week. In addition, we also have effective strategies for building a candidate pipeline, tips on dealing with information overload in your workplace, where your candidates are getting their job search advice from, and more!

5 ways to overcome information overload in the workplace

If you find yourself constantly overwhelmed at work, this is an article you should read. Columbia Business School professor Sheena Iyengar shares her top strategies for dealing with information overload in the workplace.

How to build a candidate pipeline in 9 steps

Whether you plan to try pipelining for the very first time or need some tips to refine your approach, here’s a good place to start.

50 best twitter accounts for job search advice 2019

Wondering where your candidates are getting those job search advice from? Could be a good resource for you as well. 😉

5 best boss behaviours I want to grow into

“My best bosses gave me wings,” says author Aanandita Bhatnagar. What about yours? Are you a good boss?

When people ask you how you are doing, stop replying with “busy”

We are first to admit that we are guilty of this habit. Does that mean we are productive or, have we been wasting our time doing things that don’t really matter? Check out the strategies on how you can manage your time better.

Google Hire demise strands its users

The fallout continues as industry commentators weigh in on the issue. Josh Bersin reckons Hire is nothing more than a “skunk works project”. Click to read more.

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