This Week in Talent (5 Dec)

It is a good one this week. We have a list of 12 best recruitment books you can read over the upcoming holidays, top tips for creating a recruitment video in-house, a thought-provoking article on how belonging is the new diversity, and more!

12 best recruitment books to read in 2020

Looking for a something to read over the Christmas and New Year holidays? This list covers everything from recruiting basics, to learning more about new technologies and tools in the industry. Check it out.  

The skills that will matter more for recruiters in the future — and how to develop them

Engaging passive candidates is tops, analysing data to drive Talent decision is next and influencing skills third. Talent functions seems to be evolving into one that is more proactive and strategic. Check out this report from LinkedIn to find out what can you do to prepare for it.

Top tips for creating a recruitment video in-house

According to Career Builder, jobs that show a recruitment video get 34 percent more applications than those that don’t. Get onto it people.

Should recruiters be more innovative?

Yes of course, and they should also stop wasting time with repeated and unnecessary interviews says Kevin Wheeler. Click to find out more. Excellent read.

Is belonging the new diversity?

A thought-provoking article on how we need to evolve beyond diversity and inclusion and look towards creating a sense of belonging in order for true progress to be made. Have a read.

5 of the most popular questions on emotional intelligence, answered

As Talent professionals, we have to be able to manage our emotions effectively so we can become more aware and be able to build more productive relationships around us, including with our candidates. Check out this article to find out how we can make our emotions work for us, instead of against us.

50 effective job hunting tips for job seekers

A useful resource you can share with your (silver) candidates, or for personal use. 😉 Thanks Mark Pearce for the share!

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