This Week in Talent (3rd August)

Hello from grey dreary Melbourne!

Looks like I’ve been handed the reigns by ATC to take you all on a journey for the whole of August as the next guest editor. Hurrah!

So, first things first, official intros! My name is Pavi and I’m currently Head of People & Talent at Mindset Health. Mindset Health is a Series A start-up who’ve gone through a recent funding round and going through a period of growth & transformation. We’re focused on unlocking the power of the mind through hypnotherapy, and helping people manage and improve their health via our suite of apps. My team looks after all things people related like talent, culture, employment branding, learning & development, internal mobility, succession planning, benefits and more. Phew!

For all those that know me within the industry, they know what kind of journey they’ll be expecting to see over the next few weeks. For those that don’t know me yet, welcome my friends, to a whole month of “Published by Pav”! Throughout this month I’ll be taking you through what’s currently happening in the Talent industry and introducing to you more ‘Future of work’ videos, debates, articles, and blogs.

Fair warning – this interest/passion may or may not have stemmed out of reading too many sci-fi books, so bear with me while I go on to connect the dots with the real world…

I always believe that to understand how to ‘do better and be better’ in our roles, we also need to keep a pulse check on the changing landscape around us. We’ve shown, more often than not, that we’re a pretty adaptable community. The new age of A.I and future tech is no different. Our roles adapt and evolve with what’s coming up, so it makes sense to keep abreast of these changes across the industries. So let me see if I can share as much as I’ve learnt (and still am learning), over the next few weeks that may benefit you all.

Sooooo much has happened this year, it’s only 4 months until the end of 2023, and things are still cooking in the market. We’re hearing of more recent redundancies and TA colleagues struggling to find roles in this current state of affairs. It feels like a period of weird hibernation, where everyone’s hoping the upcoming summer months bring a change in the air. *Fingers crossed*.

It has however given people the chance to consider alternative career paths and really reflect on what they want out of their next role. I wanted to share one of the workshops I attended recently around this very topic of life design. A few of us walked away with some clear goals and a visual to work towards, so I thought it may be useful to share the video for those still searching and pondering their next steps in this tumultuous landscape of 2023.

On a lighter note, to end off this week, I was directed to a curation of “must watch” tv shows and movies just for Recruiters which I think many of you will enjoy here (and possibly get a giggle out of)!

The metaverse explained, and how it could impact our everyday lives in the future

For those that are still unclear what the Metaverse means for the future, this is an insight into how it’s changing the landscape of the future and although it’s still years away, there are already tangible shifts within industries to lead us there.

Google Interview Warmup

Came across a really cool tool recently to practice interviews online, powered by Google. They offer talking points, elaboration and real time feedback based on your answers. Can be voice interviews or typed answers so pretty accessible for candidates to practice their interviews and improve confidence for the real thing.

Infographic: Essential ChatGPT prompts for HR

Unlock the full potential of these AI bots with the aid of a visual cheat sheet that highlights the best prompts to optimise across recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement, and learning.

LaunchVic: Ecosystem Research

LaunchVic and the Tech Council of Australia have pulled together some new reports showing that despite reported layoffs in larger tech businesses, the demand for talent in the Victorian start-up ecosystem remains robust.

Adelaide TA Meetup

For those TA peeps that are based in Adelaide there’s a TA Meetup happening this Thursday. Don’t forget to sign up if you’re in the area and looking to network with your fellow industry colleagues.

The Elastic Workforce – critical for all business


The need to have visibility across all people in a business is needed and expected these days. The rise of contingent workers is becoming increasingly important in the modern workforce – and this Elastic Workforce is key to the Human Collaborative’s mission.

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