This Week in Talent (31 Jan)

It’s about self improvement this week – how can you become a better interviewer, how can you use write more compelling job posts based on actual stats, how can you deal with the rotten low hanging fruit to improve your work world, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

The subtle art of being an interviewer (when you are not used to it)

Interviewing candidates may seem easy, but it’s not. Having been on both sides of the equation, tech recruiter/previous-candidate Caroline Chavier shares some of the mistakes she noticed which led to creating poor candidate experiences. Click to find out if you are guilty and what you can do to improve.

IT recruiters are crybabies

Bold claims from author/recruiter Fausto Nunes, he made an interesting comment though and left us wondering about tech recruiters – do you automatically assume all your candidates must love Star Wars and go “join the dark side” “join the force” on them? Food for thought.

6 stats that will change the way you write job posts

Interesting insights into how we can write more compelling job posts based on actual data collected by LinkedIn. Remembering that less is more for a start – concise posts are easy to read and keep the most important information top-of-mind for candidates. A few more good bits in this one to check out.

The list – an underutilised goldmine

Do you have a “list”? It’s old school, but it’s a tried and tested goldmine says author Nikki Ruocco. But is a list still necessary given the relative ease for sourcing candidates these days using tools such as Hiretual? Have a read and ponder.

The new freelancers: tapping Talent in the gig economy

Great share from friend-of-ATC and ATC2019 speaker Tony Wallace. Survey has shown that freelancers are now active in all industries and freelancing has now evolved from cheap labour to top Talent. But before you jump into the gig economy, you might wish to click and read more on what you can do to ensure you and your organisation make the most of this new source of Talent.

Six pieces of small, low hanging fruit that might improve your tomorrow

These may sound like a day from hell but at the end, you will feel better knowing that you don’t have to deal with all these things tomorrow, if you deal with them now. So what are you waiting for? 🙂

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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