This Week in Talent (30 Jul)

This week we have news on this Caribbean country officially letting people move there to work remotely for a year, 33 things you can “steal” to make yourself smarter, tips from a CEO on how to hire executives, and more!

Podcast: Is internal recruitment still relevant?

Our Kevin Wheeler recently published an intriguing post discussing the value of internal recruitment as we move forward into a post-pandemic future and he further elaborates his thoughts in this podcast. Is RPO better than internal function? How can internal functions increase its value to the business? Check it out.

Barbados is officially letting people move there to work remotely for a year, and all you need to do is fill out an application

A bit of a wanderlust for anyone who is looking at getting out and work remotely.

3 useful things to know about diversity and inclusive leadership

With all things going digital now, how can we establish interpersonal relationships successfully? It is challenging to give feedback when everything is virtual says Juliet Bourke, Human Capital Partner at Deloitte. Here she discusses how we can overcome this and still get diversity of thinking going. Good read.

33 things I stole from people smarter than me

Take them, adapt them, and apply them to your life.

How to hire executives

An oldie but still extremely relevant. Written from a CEO’s point of view but can easily be applied onto the TA-level. Excellent resource.

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