This Week in Talent (3 May)

This week we find out what today’s Talent are really after from employers and what can you do about it, the paradox between diversity vs. inclusion, what happens when we get ahead of ourselves in the A.I. Talent tech world, and more.
Enjoy these musings!

Mercer global Talent trends study 2018

Key finding from the study: what today’s Talent crave, few companies offer. To attract the best and the brightest, organisations will need to get better at understanding what today’s Talent are looking for. Check out some of the useful advice in this report.

Diversity makes inclusion harder, but here’s what to do about it

It sounds like an impossible paradox: how do you create one big in-group without downplaying difference? These researchers believe they’ve found a way.

“We’re not in A.I. time, and that’s excellent!”

Bill Boorman believes we are getting ahead of ourselves with our almost flippant use of the term A.I. in Talent tech. Is using the right label important? Or are we just playing semantics? What do you think?

Incubating culture: How Netflix is acing Talent Acquisition

They have won you over with their endless amount of great online videos. Now Netflix is winning in Talent Acquisition too. Check out how they are doing it.

How to talk innovation like a pro

“Design thinking”, “agile”, “lean”, “disruptive innovation”, “hackathon” – just some of the innovation buzzwords you would have heard before. What do they mean exactly? ATC2018 speaker Amantha Imber demystifies these concepts.

Jeff Bezos says we should stop aiming for work-life ‘balance’ – here is what you should strive for instead

A “balance” implies a strict trade-off but it is next to impossible to separate work from life these days. What should you do? Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a good idea.

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