This Week in Talent (3 June)

This Week in Talent

Note from The Editor

Holy wow how good was the ATC2021 DIGITAL event last week? 3 days of TA goodness, smiling faces, action items and tangible takeaways, dad jokes, and a foul mouthed intruder in Kevin Wheeler’s Fearless Futures session that made me LMAO! All in all, a really great time.

For all the Melbournians reading this – happy Lockdown 4.0. The overwhelming sense of “Ergh” is back (deja vu), and I’m struggling to do simple things like washing, showering, cleaning, exercising etc. I’m learning to embrace the feeling (rather than fight it), and have actually spent the weekend chilling on the couch like a grub. It’s been good! When I think of my ‘circle of control’ – an imposed state-wide lockdown is definitely outside of my circle of control, so I might as well focus on the things I CAN control and work with that instead.

Sending my love to all, and especially those people in Melbs that have been ‘stood down’ from their casual roles during this lockdown without the assistance of JobKeeper. My heart goes out to you!

Keep on keepin’ on, my TA peeps!

Are you hiring internationally?

From creating a compliant employment contract, to providing competitive benefits, to managing cross-culturally, Globalpedia is your up-to-date guide on labour laws, norms, and regulations across the world.

Why assess soft skills?

Hiring for soft skills is key to setting your team and organisation up for success in an evolving business landscape. This guide from Curious Thing is designed to help build a framework to identify and assess the right soft skills for your business needs, so you can hire right for today and the future.

Virtual Onboarding Toolkit: Everything you need to master virtual onboarding

As the world of work changes, how will your organisation onboard remote staff? Enboarder has spent the past year helping world-leading employers adapt to virtual onboarding, and now they’re sharing everything they know.

3 alternative talent sources to plug the skills shortage

Since late 2020, TA Leaders have been preparing themselves for a more acute skills shortage. Not only does the threat of turnover loom large, and travel bans have further restricted access to the pool of skilled migrants. In this article, pymetrics outline 3 under-utilised resources which can help TA teams to plug these skills gaps.

How to Make Virtual Interviews a Lasting Part of the Hiring Process eBook

Did you start using virtual interviews during the pandemic? Many organisations are planning to ensure they have a long-term virtual interview strategy for a more efficient and effective hiring process. Learn how in this eBook from Spark Hire.

The Business Case for DEI Toolkit

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are too important to get wrong. So WORK180‘s has designed a Business Case for DEI Toolkit; a collection of free resources here to help you gain company-wide buy-in and get it “right” from the very beginning.

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