This Week in Talent (2nd March)

Greeting, you delightful #TWITs!

What a week! I’ve spent the last week living in a COVID household., My elderly in-laws arrived from Scotland, only to have caught COVID on the plane. I’ve been speaking to a lot of people online this past week as I’ve been keeping myself isolated (I somehow avoided infection!). One thing we all agree on, is how blasé we seem to have become about the virus.

We talk a lot about the traumatic memories of lockdown, we talk about the changes to how we work, that were sprung upon us during the early stages of the pandemic. We talk about how joyous it is to collaborate in person….

But while sitting in the emergency room with my father in-law, the reality really set in for me. I hadn’t really given the virus too much thought over the past few months. Life was normal for me, and it had all become somewhat of a distant memory. Seeing just how sick my lovely in-laws were was a real wake up call. It was heart-breaking, and until those anti-virals kicked in, we were terrified.

So, I urge you loyal readers- if you are feeling unwell, whip out those old masks and try to avoid close contact. It’s still out there, and still serious as ever.

I wanted to thank ATC for having me as the guest editor for February. It certainly has been a pleasure to post my weekly rants, and I hope you all took something away from it. This year is presenting us with a lot of challenges, but I absolutely love that inclusive communities such as ATC exist, to help share content, insights, and often just to brighten up our days.

I’m very excited to bring you #BOUNCE2 next week and can’t wait for the ATC later in the year. Hope to see you all there!

Hopefully you’ll see me back here again soon (hint, hint ATC!)

Oh, and don’t forget to submit your responses in the 2023 State of Talent Acquisition Survey!

Thanks again, stay healthy, stay safe, stay creative and most importantly…stay FABULOUS!

National gender pay gap of 13.3% just a fraction of the real cost on women

The national gender pay gap has dropped to 13.3%.

Righto! It is narrower than it has been. But should we really be celebrating? The pay gap currently means that for every $1 Australian men make on average, Australian women make 87c. That’s not good enough!

Australia is lagging when it comes to employing people with disability – quotas for disability services could be a start

And speaking of gaps! Are you aware of the statistics around working-aged Australians with and without disability? I wasn’t. The gap here is 32%, much higher than countries such as Sweden (9.5%), Finland (12.4%), France (9.9%) and Italy (13.3%)

Are quota’s/targets the answer? Or is our candidate/employee experience the true cause?

Victoria Police Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2023-2030

Victoria Police have released their “Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2022–2030”

The framework includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Inclusion, Access and Inclusion, CALD Inclusion and the LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Action Plan.

“Victoria Police is only as good as our people. To have the best workplace we must support our people to reach their full potential without discrimination or barriers”- Shane Patton APM


More American schools are switching to four-day weeks. Could Australia follow their lead?

Well, well, well! Another argument to bring forward the 4-day working week. If the education system shifts to 4-days, well, we really must follow suit! I love hearing about the success organisations have had implementing this. However, the up-take has been relatively slow in Australia. If you are looking at introducing a 4-day week, or have already done so, the ATC crew would love to hear all about it!

Gold Coast high-rise takes working from home to whole new level

A co-working space at home? This is cool AS! Complete with work suites, a boardroom, lounge, library, and outdoor entertaining space for functions. Sign me up!

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