This Week in Talent (28 Nov)

This week we share nine strategic, practical, low cost and visible things we can do become a strategic TA pro, the best trait a candidate can have today, why internal mobility could be your key to building the workforce of the future, and more!

Video: How to be a strategic Talent Acquisition pro

John Vlastelica is one of the most entertaining and smart speakers to grace our ATC stage and in this video, he shares nine strategic, practical, low cost and visible, things we can do to differentiate ourselves as top recruiters. It is a little long (~50 mins) but it will be well worth your time.  

What is the best trait a candidate can have?

According to Wallis Summers-Smith, the answer is self-awareness and we are inclined to agree. We also thought recruiters need more of this too. Read on to learn how we can all build better self-awareness.

Why internal mobility is key to building the workforce of the future

Internal mobility, or innermobility, was one of the key themes at the recent HRTech conference in Las Vegas and here’s an interesting article explaining this rising trend. We should be keeping an eye on this people.

Does the secret weapon in winning the war for Talent lie closer to home?

If you think hanging out at Github repositories, Slack channels, MeetUps or Behance profiles is the way to go, you couldn’t be more wrong says Simon McSorley. He shares why and offers a different take. Click to find out more.

Feeling a little lost at work?

We all feel a little unsure sometimes, unsure if the grass is greener on the other side or on your side. And when we do, there are several things we can do says ATC Squad’s James Witcombe. Good read.

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