This Week in Talent (28 May)

This week we have an excellent list of TedTalks that will make everyone a better recruiter, the ultimate list of mostly-free recruiter growth hacking resources, a guide on how to identify candidates with “grit”, and more!

Preferred Supplier Agreements – Industry Report – 2020

Guess what? Over 60 percent of hiring managers interviewed preferred using agencies outside the organisation’s preferred supplier list. Does that make these agreements useless? Are you in the same situation? Insightful research from the folks at TalentVine.

7 TED Talks that will make you a better recruiter

You might have seen these before but they are definitely worth a re-watch. Regina Hartley’s story on identifying “scrappers” is high on our list of favourites and Simon Sinek is always on the money. Check ‘em out.

Growth hacking recruiters (nearly) ultimate list of things to help you grow

An awesome resource for everyone who is looking to improve their hiring skills. What’s even better – they are mostly free!

The top 3 traits of next-gen Talent Acquisition leaders

Great share from Rich Lewis-Jones, but as he said, I don’t think this is next gen, I think it is now!

4 tips for hiring candidates with grit!

Hiring for grit sounds like good common sense but what exactly is grit and how can you identify them in your candidates? Tim Sackett shares some interviewing tips in this excellent article.

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