This Week in Talent (28 Jan)

This week we share a comprehensive guide to help you understand the cybersecurity risks associated with using recruitment systems and technologies, strategies for creating a conducive environment for internal mobility, the top skills we need to stay relevant in today’s workforce, and more!

Why internal mobility needs to be a key part of your Talent strategy

“If Talent is seen as something to be hoarded rather than developed, a company will have a hard time retaining its top employees…” With internal mobility increasingly playing an important role in today’s workforce strategy, how can we as recruiters create a conducive environment that is needed to make this work? Click to learn more.

Guide: What HR teams and recruiters need to know about cyber security

Many of us are using video interviewing, screening, sourcing technologies etc., but most of us are probably not talking about managing the data security risks that comes with using these tools. This is an excellent and comprehensive guide to help you understand the risks and ensure you meet compliance, insurance and legal requirements.

How this labour hire firm narrowly escaped a prosecution & what you can learn from it

A case study you need to read if you are recruiting contract workers and working with labour hire firms. Some good learning points including documentation and shared responsibility – so crucial but yet overlooked sometimes.

20 jobs that will start to disappear in the next 5 years

What caught most of our attention was the top skills required in order to ensure we continue to stay relevant in the workforce. It is not all about software development, cybersecurity and technology. Rather, it is about creativity, problem solving, analytical thinking and innovation. Good read.

Clubhouse – Business alert 👋

Want to learn how to use Clubhouse to enhance your personal brand? If you haven’t heard about this latest social platform that is creating waves in Silicon Valley currently, this article offers you a quick snapshot of what it has to offer and how you can use it effectively.  

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