This Week in Talent (28 Feb)

This week we found a list of thought-provoking questions we should ask our hiring managers during our next intake meeting, the four trends that are shaping the future of our jobs and how that will impact recruitment, a look at how the gig economy is really impacting the Australian job market, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

These 4 trends are shaping the future of your job

The nature of work is changing rapidly and LinkedIn has put together a list of trends that will affect our careers in the next few years. Have a read if you want to find out how you might be impacted, or, how this could affect the way you recruit. Thanks Tony Wallace for the share!

Sourcing different – the intake meeting

Needs may change, but the job descriptions don’t always get updated. Here’s a list of thought-provoking questions that you can ask your hiring managers during your next intake meeting to show them you are genuinely looking out for their best interest in filling the void in their team. Check them out!

The 141 companies recognised as employers of choice for women

There’s been numerous reports of employers in Australia who are making a difference in hiring for diversity, reflective of the increasing emphasis of this topic across the world. This list consolidates the organisations who have embraced gender equality, find out who they are and what they are doing here.

A beginner’s guide to giving performance reviews

Undergoing a performance review can be harrowing or helping. Some of the best performance reviews that I’ve had were well-planned and insightful, which provided me the platform to grow further. Here are some tips to help you deliver useful, motivating feedback that will keep your team on top of their game.

Here’s a provocative look at the impact of Uber and the gig economy on Australia’s job market

The employment rate sits at a record high while unemployment is at five percent, back at the levels not seen since mid-2011. But the economic conditions may not be as strong as it seems. Have a read and ponder

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