This Week in Talent (27th October)

Hi everyone – my last TWIT for the month of October is NOW!

I’ve really enjoyed doing the TWIT again. It’s such a great way for me (a busy, important, and equally lazy gal with a job in talent acquisition) to keep up to date on talent things happening around the place.

I thought for this last issue I could share some tips, tools, and cool things with you – recruitment and not recruitment related. My gift to you so you can be your most mindful, productive, zen self at all times.

  1. Focus and Mindfulness.
    • My brain is hard to tie down – I’m easily distracted by shiny, fluorescent objects and lose interest in things really quickly. I know this about myself, and a big distraction for me is social media (Instagram and TikTok in particular). I just downloaded the app ScreenZen as an intervention for my mindless scrolling. My physio is particularly pleased after I injured my neck recently in what I thought was a gym-related injury that turned out to be a TikTok related injury (aka staring down at my phone too much type of injury).
  2. Community and Networking.
  3. Values and Doing What’s Right.
    • I came across this interactive training website recently called Stand Up Against Street Harassment which teaches you how to advocate for yourself or others in the event of being harassed or abused in public. Interesting to see all the different options there are that are non-confrontational and super effective. Give this a whirl!
  4. Little Rituals.
    • Something I like to do is little rituals that help me unwind, or wind up depending on the event/mood. I do most of my laundry on ‘Washing Wednesday’, I do an at-home facial on Sunday evenings before I start my week, I use my good (and divine smelling) body moisturiser and use my special fancy perfume on days when I have something special on. What are your tiny rituals?

Leading into the last few months of the year can be manic, particularly as everyone is clawing their way to the Xmas/New Year break. Tempers are short, patience is gone, and burnout is real. I think it’s important to take time out for yourself, and your mind, and connect with your fellow talent community.

Speaking of … only 2 weeks to go until our ATC event for internal talent acquisition peeps at Luna Park! Get your tickets here. The lineup is insanely good, and there are rides.

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