This Week in Talent (27 June)

This week is a big one – we have an eBook on how we can prepare for AI, an article on how to select the right chat bot for your business, an online tool that allows you to compare your HR policies against industry standards, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

Gender Diversity: One step forward, two steps back

What influences and obstacles do Australian employers face when trying to improve gender diversity in the workplace? What do we need to consider when we are looking to hire, develop and retain women? Check out this latest whitepaper from the team at Harrier Talent Solutions. You can sign up for their quarterly insights and events near you too!

What is end-to-end Recruiting AI?

Artificial Intelligence has come to stay in the world of Talent Acquisition and staffing. And while we have heard plenty of applications of AI as standalone benefits, fewer companies are exploring how AI can impact their recruiting process from beginning to end. So, what is end-to-end AI recruiting? Click to find out!

3 Ways to Win at Diversity

What if you have two candidates that are considered of “equal merit”, but you are compelled to prioritise the one from an under-represented group if having to choose which to progress? What should you do? Here are three suggestions on how you can manage this conundrum.

Do you trust me?

Trust is important in all relationships, especially between us and our candidates. Excellent article that makes us sit back and think about how we manage trust. Have a read and ponder.

Why is high volume recruitment so dehumanising?
Reference checking for cultural fit: How to do it and why it’s important

A call to your candidates’ referees can help you determine whether they will survive and thrive within your organisation. But therein lies the key issue – you have to know what you are looking and listening for. Click to find out how.

Agile Talent Collaborative Partners in Building the Flexible Blended Workforce

This whitepaper explains how HR & Procurement need to work more closely than ever before to support the dynamic needs of today’s businesses.

The top workplace flexibility trends in 2019

FlexCareers recently surveyed over 1,600 HR professionals, employees and job seekers to create the most comprehensive study of workplace flexibility in Australia and New Zealand. Download your free copy of the Annual Workplace Flexibility Report 2019.

AI isn’t just for finding your favourite music

Technologist Priyanka Jain says that for the first time in history we have more open jobs than we have people. So why aren’t we filling these jobs faster and more effectively? In this TED Talk, she discusses how AI could be the future of hiring.

One million insights into video interviewing

Since 2011, the folks at Sonru have published six volumes of white paper on candidate experience and this is their most comprehensive to date. Download to find out some of the most captivating insights into the minds of today’s candidates.

Six tips for employers when working with a recruitment agency
A great agency partner can be an asset to any TA team. But what should you consider before engaging a new recruitment agency?
What good looks like for sales

Hiring your next sales superstar? What qualities, behavioural and emotional intelligence-wise, should you be looking out for and how can you identify them? Download this guide to learn more.

5 essential elements of a successful reference check

Whatever role you’re hiring for – whether it requires specific soft skills or certain technical capabilities – there are essential questions that should be covered during every reference checking process. Online reference checking experts, Xref, tell us about five that will offer valuable insights every time.

Making hiring about merit, not background

How can we transform the hiring process from mediocracy to meritocracy? Have a listen to Vervoe CEO Omer Molad presenting at the SmartRecruiters Recruiting Startup Awards in San Francisco as he shares more.

Talent vs Automation

An excellent eBook on how businesses can best prepare for the age of AI, in terms of business structure, talent organisation, skills etc. Download and read it.

Brains before bots
Realistically, software can’t fully automate all your hiring problems away. The real opportunity exists in a hybrid human and tech solution. Read this to find out more.
WORK180 HR Health Check

Every wondered how your HR policies compare against industry standards? WORK180 have developed a free online tool that allows you to do that in less than 10 minutes. It’s confidential and generates a detailed report to help you identify HR challenges and make informed policy decisions. Log on to find out how you rate.

On-demand video interviewing emerging as the solution to major hiring challenges

What is on-demand video interviewing? How can it help to solve hiring challenges such as recruiter bias and reducing hiring time spent. Click to learn more.

Choosing the right chat bot for your business

More organisations are exploring the possibility of implementing chat bots but what should we be looking out for when selecting one?

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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