This Week in Talent (26 Sep)

This week we learn that 83 percent local recruiters are cautious about hiring expats (but why?), McDonald’s new “voice command” recruitment process, a very unconventional recruitment marketing video from a UK recruitment company, and more!

Thinking of moving overseas for work? Research says you’ll struggle to return

83 percent of local recruiters said they are cautious about recommending returning expats according to report – we are keen to understand more about the thinking behind this – any thoughts? Let us know!

Candidates are customers too. About time we treated them that way, no?

We totally agree, but how can we do that? Here are three ways we can polish our candidate/customer crossover.   

McDonald’s job seekers can now “apply” through Alexa and Google Voice

Interesting move by McDonald’s to make their recruitment process more mobile friendly. What does this do for candidate experience? Is this going to get more people to apply? Try it for yourself – available in Australia too.

How to know you should hire a candidate immediately, according to a top LinkedIn executive

Christine Hall, SVP and Chief People Officer at LinkedIn has narrowed it down to four must-haves. Check them out.  

How I figure out if a job candidate is right for the job

The key to hiring Talent is to ask these six questions that reveal a candidate’s true intent, approach, and skill set according to author Josh Spector. Click to learn more. What do you think?

Video: Barrington James summer party 2019

UK recruitment firm Barrington James has made a video showing off its summer party and telling us how rad it is to work for them. It is, well, a little unconventional. You need to watch this. 🤣

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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