This Week in Talent (26 Mar)

It is a good list this week – we have tips and strategies on how you can make working from home work for you, a crowdsource spreadsheet to connect our TA community with jobs, tools and more, over 100 free online resources (e.g. virtual tour of the Louvre!) you can use to keep your kids learning while you WFH, and more!

Working from home, done right!

Digital detox, video on for all meetings, setting clear boundaries… just some of the tips and strategies we can use to help us make working from home work for us. Excellent article from Ryan Biggs and very relevant for many of us right now.

Connecting the ANZ TA & HR Community

One for the bookmark – an awesome open-source google sheet put together by Chris Long for the local TA and HR community to share information on who is hiring, looking for work, what’s going on and more. Thanks Chris for taking the initiative to get this going.

Talent Acquisition during a pandemic

Things may be a bit quiet at the moment as most organisations are pausing non-essential hire, but that doesn’t mean you stop everything. Informative post from Ella C. on what we can do during times like this to set ourselves up for success once Covid-19 blows over. Excellent read.

Help has arrived…

If you are a parent and you are scratching your heads about what to do with your kids while you WFH, here’s the perfect list for you. Over 100 online educational resources you can use to keep the little ones entertained while you remote onboard that new hire. And best of all – they are all free!

PSA – Don’t f#ck up your candidate experience!

“People won’t remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel!” – Friend of ATC, Mark Mansour, saying it like it is. Must read if candidate experience is important to you.

Using this time to learn new skills

Upskilling during times of disruptions does sound like a good idea, especially when we don’t know how long this Covid-19 situation will last and what the workforce will be like on the “other side”. Here are four free short courses that you should definitely look into – check them out.  

The remote work report by GitLab: The future of work is remote

If there is any organisation who has good insights to share about working remotely, it’s got to be GitLab. They are an all-remote business that not only promotes remote working, they also share how to do it well. Check out their piece of research on the state of remote working currently and learn some of the benefits.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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