This Week in Talent (25 Jul)

Here’s what we found for you this week – a list of strategies for effective onboarding that will make everyone happy, the mistakes we might be making when recruiting data scientists, an argument for hiring more “T-shaped” people (what are they??), and more!
Enjoy these musings!

Onboarding a new employee? Follow these 11 effective strategies

Onboarding new hires is a crucial – and sometimes regularly repeated – process for many businesses. Check out some of these strategies that can help you become more efficient at it.

Why your organisation needs T-shaped people

Though written for marketers, the ideas in this article could easily be adapted onto Talent Acquisition. What are T-shaped people? How can they help you build better teams and how can you identify them in interviews? Click to find out.

To find the best Talent, build the widest network

Sounds pretty straightforward, but to do it well, you have to be strategic. Find out what Jeff Moore, staffing manager at Google, is doing to help him to broaden his network. Some good tips here.

Data-science recruitment – why you may be doing it wrong

You might want to avoid the mistakes listed in this article, this coming from a Lead Data Scientist-cum-hiring manager. Must read if you are hiring data scientists.

How to create an excellent candidate experience

Following a scathing online review from a candidate (yes, it is bad), Natalie Davies, VP of Talent at IMPACT, decided to re-do their entire hiring process. Five years later, they are getting positive feedback online and in emails. Here’s what she did.

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