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So this is week 2 of our return to hybrid working, and I’m trying to establish some new work routines whilst still trying to remain Zen AF. I have a delightful husky voice at the moment from the sheer amount of talking I’ve been doing since back in the office – my throat has been ripped to shreds from the LOLs.

I was having a read about establishing (or spring cleaning) the ol’ work habits, and I realised I hadn’t actually taken the time to take a step back and really look at how hybrid working might work for me. I’ve just been rushing around like a headless chook, trying to re-establish old habits when realistically I don’t think that “rushing” lifestyle ever worked for me. I HATE RUSHING! Some of the old, super meticulous habits I had created don’t work that well for me anymore. So … as the article suggests, it’s time to look at current routines and get rid of the baggage.

My team and I got together 2 weeks ago and agreed on some team hybrid working “norms”. We decided on some core working hours that worked for all of us, what days we would be in the office together, how we would make the most of that time and some guiding principles to live be (aka try our best not to schedule interviews on our team days in the office etc). We check in every week to make sure it still works, and see if there’s anything that needs tweaking. We even agreed on some communication norms – when to use Teams, when to email, when to just talk to the person IRL etc.

But I hadn’t actually thought outside of that – things like… commuting to and from work, packing my breakfast and lunch, when would I squeeze in the gym, what do I need to pack for post-gym showering, what time am I waking up, what time do I need to go to bed to ensure I get my 8 hours sleep (that’s an important one). The pandemic forced us to slow down a lot, and it feels awkward speeding back up again. But I’m enjoying it (albeit in an exhausted fashion). We had team drinks after work last week, and I must admit… you just can’t build the types of bonds over Teams as you can having a couple of drinks together IRL. Yep, I said it. Hybrid working is my jammmmm!

Speaking of IRL stuff … hope to see you all at the Talent Day Out in Melbourne on Monday at the gosh darn ZOOOOOOO?! I have never been to the zoo, and that’s all about to change. A talent event, with monkeys … what could be better? <3 (FYI there is a Sydney event coming up too … check it out!)

Why all Australian organisations need to address racism in the workplace, DCA report

Using the word racism to describe what it is, rather than the “nicer” words like unity, harmony etc … is one of the recommendations in the report to assist in tackling racism in the workplace!

I Was A Manager In An Ageist Workplace

I’m sure, as people working in recruitment, we’ve had to deal with casual ageism often. I know I’ve experienced it and had to point out the obvious bias in making a decision just because someone isn’t “young and tech-savvy”, or because they’re too young and not “mature-minded”. I really enjoyed this read – it highlights how easy it is to accidentally create a workplace where ageism is normalised.

Remote Ukraine – Hire Ukrainian talent

Over 3 million refugees have fled the war in Ukraine – lots of them employable professionals, who can work remotely. You might want to consider looking for someone from this pool of people if you’re open to remote workers!

Working for the Kardashians: Ex-staffers lift the lid

I mean … they really all need to go straight in the bin (sorry to any Kardashian fans reading this). This article highlights the reality of the staff working for Kim K who are underpaid, overworked, and treated like garbage.

2022 Global Workforce Trends

Hybrid work models, work-life balance, and AI-augmented workforces are foreseeable trends for 2022. Are you keeping up to date with workforce trends? One easy peasy way is to download this cheeky e-book from our friends at Globalization Partners, and get up to speed on all the things we can expect to see over the course of this year!

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