This Week in Talent (24th February)

Greetings TA Fam!

Oh boy it’s been a week, hasn’t it? How is it only mid-Feb, and it already feels like half the year is over. As a manager, it’s the time of year that I make sure that my team are feeling safe, supported and productive whilst working towards their goals.

It got me thinking though – what do you do if your top performers don’t want to stay in Talent Acquisition forever? This has happened to me a couple of times in the past, and whilst I’m SO supportive of getting my team to where they need to be in their careers… my god it’s painful and heartbreaking losing them. I go through the normal throws of a breakup – “is it something I did?” “what is wrong with me?” “why don’t they like me?” – all of the thoughts. Notice how all my thoughts are centred around me… and not the person actually deciding to leave the team.

I think it’s all about reframing the thought process, and actually thinking “Wow – I’m so glad that I’ve helped lift them to where they need to be” or “I will create a welcoming and warm environment that they may want to come back to in the future”. Because, we all love a cheeky returning employee – am I right?

It’s a good nudge to start thinking… as TA Lead or Manager – what are you doing to make your workplace (virtual or IRL) a warm, welcoming and safe place for your employees? Have you considered that people leaving your team may eventually want to return in the future? How are checking in on your TA Alumni?

On all things Zen AF – check this out (for the type A personalities only). I find productivity videos and TikToks SO CALMING IT’S INSANE. Even if my own life is bananas, a video on someone organising their own lives… makes me immediately feel more organised. Seconded by #CleanTok (cleaning tutorials on TikTok).

Enjoy the rest of the your week <3

There’s never been a better time for Australia to move to a four-day week

Obviously I am a massive supporter of this, as I have harped on about in basically EVERY episode of TWIT everrrrrrrr. GIVE ME MY 3 DAY WEEKEND NOW PLEASE THANKS!

Home work = more work

Do you find you’re working more from home than you were when you were based 100% in the office (pre-pandemic)? I don’t reckon I’ve ever pumped out this much work in my life. I love working from home, but gotta have those boundaries in place.

International students say career opportunities in Australia do not match their qualifications

This sucks, but I’m sure we’ve all experienced it before – a hiring manager that says “awwww they don’t have Australian experience. That’s a no from me”. In a market where engineers are as rare as hen’s teeth, this made me a bit sad to read!

‘Returnships’ on the rise, as employers step up efforts to hit gender equality goals

This is fantastic idea – return to work programs for parents who have taken a significant amount of time off to raise children. If you’ve ever thought about rolling out a program to address your skills shortages, let this be on your radar!

Two-thirds of Australian business leaders plan to recruit overseas workers this year now the borders are open

Did you jump with glee at the borders reopening this week? You’re not the only one…

Corporate Tell-All: International Expansion Horror Stories

International growth can be an exciting time — but also one ripe with horror stories, waiting to keep you up at night. Behind the rose-tinted view of global expansion, lie more ghastly tales, involving a multitude of country-specific laws and regulations. Fail to abide, and you’re risking drawn-out litigation processes, high penalties and monetary costs, permanent reputational damage, and even jail time. If you’re a fan of horror stories (or just want to make sure you avoid one of your own!) make sure to download this eBook from our friends at Globalization Partners.

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