This Week in Talent (24 Oct)

Internal mobility was a big thing at the HR Tech Conference and this week, we have an article showcasing why. We also have tips on how we can ramp up our recruitment with intelligent job descriptions, what we can do to build trust with anyone quickly, and more!

Why companies need to look within

One obvious reason is that it promotes growth and creates a more satisfied workforce, which in turn makes for a more successful company. Click to find out more. Trevor Vas has also written a good summary of this rising trend of innermobility and shared some of the technologies that can help us unlock the benefits of internal recruitment.

Despite recruiter confidence, exaggeration and skills gaps plague the hiring process

According to Monster’s 2019 State of the Recruiter survey, 85 percent of recruiters agree that candidates exaggerate skills and competencies on their resume. But the buck doesn’t stop there – honesty and transparency are, in fact, lacking on both sides. Read this interesting survey report and find out what we can do to prepare ourselves for the next gen workforce.

Ramp up your recruitment with intelligent job descriptions

Excellent tips on how we can write better job descriptions. We need to start doing more of this.

3 ways people analytics will shape the future of work

Excellent article on why we need to start investing in people analytics. How can it help organisations improve their long-term business performance? Read more to find out.

75 percent of staff at this successful IT company are on the autism spectrum

A feel-good + success story that proves neurodiversity and autism could be a competitive advantage in business. Must read.

An FBI behaviour expert explains how to quickly build trust with anyone

Recruitment is about value exchange and for that to happen successfully, we need trust. Here are some good strategies to help you achieve that.

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