This Week in Talent (24 Jan)

Yes, we’ve got a bit of everything for you this week – a guide for implementing recruitment chatbots, what you can do to improve your candidate experience, an epic recruitment campaign from Scoot airline, a LOL recruitment video feature UK Prime Minister Teresa May, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

Best recruiting chat bots

This only just came to our attention but it’s a good one if you are looking to introduce a chat bot into your recruitment processes. The guide also includes a handy chat bot ROI calculator for you to download and evaluate the efficiency of your investment – sweet! 🤖

The number one reason you should fix Onboarding – now

Insightful article by friend-of-ATC Rebecca Houghton as she dissects the issues surrounding onboarding new candidates and shares her expertise on how we can improve the process. Hint: it is not that difficult. Must read if you are looking to improve your candidate experience. 🧘

Behind the scenes: How Scoot organised the ‘Epic Interview’ recruitment campaign 

Epic is probably the right word to describe this recruitment/employer branding campaign. Scoot airline “scooted” six candidates off to Athens or Berlin in an all-expenses paid trip for the final round of their interviews. Now that’s something out of the ordinary. Click to find out more. ✈️

The rise of people analytics

Looking to build a case for implementing people analytics (PA) into your function? Read this informative article by people analytics guru David Green. 👍

UK Prime Minister in recruitment video

This one is funny, check out UK Prime Minister Teresa May in this cheeky recruitment video that has racked up over 25 million views so far. LOL! 😆

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