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Hello there again friends to this week’s TWIT! It’s been a great week with loads of in person talent gatherings and conferences with opportunities to share ideas, collaborate and learn from each other. How good is it!

So, what’s on my mind this week? One word. Experiences…

I have been speaking with a friend over the last few weeks as she has been going through the job search process which has been a mix of direct applications and being proactively approached for roles. Its been interesting to hear her experience and part of it has made me incredibly frustrated to be a recruiter. Why I hear you ask? Well let me share parts of the conversations with you… and you’ll soon see why…

Said friend has a wide and varied background in customer success, services, insurance etc – plus she is incredibly experienced, and bright, and in this candidate short market, what we would see as a purple squirrel.

Role #1

She applied for a role through a recruitment agency and the experience was lack lustre from the beginning of the application process through to the offer stage. Chasing for feedback, updates etc. After the application the recruiter called her to go through her experience and explain to her the role – and as my friend asked more about the company and what they would be like to work with – the recruiter answered “I didn’t ask that from the hiring manager, so that would be a good question to ask in the interview if you get shortlisted”…

Fast forward to the interview – She waited for the phone interview to commence, only to wait for 25 minutes, and no hiring manager dialled in so she called the recruiter to ask what happened, and after no explanation for why the hiring manager did not attend, for them to say they needed to reschedule. After she had taken time off work to attend in the first place.

She then saw the company she was supposed to interview with, advertise the exact same role with the exact same job description a week later and the interview was never rescheduled.

Role #2:

Approached for a role within a large insurer, directly through their internal TA team, went through the 2 stage process to receive an offer, only for it to be $10k less than what she is currently on (after disclosing her expectations and current salary to the recruiter), the expectation that she is in the city 5 days per week and after she asked if there was room to negotiate on the offer – to be told “well if you exceed in your role, by the end of the year they may increase your salary”.

Role #3

Another role through a different recruitment agency (who was apparently fab right the way through) she went seamlessly right through the interview process and received an offer only to be notified after she accepted the offer (before she signed a contract) but after she resigned that the employee who originally resigned retracted her resignation, so they rescinded the offer.

This week’s theme…. Experiences….

In other EXCITING news… ATC has just launched the new Talent Advisory Conference on the pivot from talent acquisition to talent advisory and will hear from leaders from within the industry who share their thoughts and experiences. Yes – I will be sharing my own journey from taking TA to Talent Advisory here at Toll!

Talent Board Announces Winners of 2022 Global Candidate Experience Awards

Interestingly as the talent shortage continues, research shows the level of candidates that report a positive candidate experience at a global level – continues to trend down, however in APAC, EMEA and LATAM, are trending higher.

A great experience means candidates want to maintain a relationship with the business or brand — whether that means reapplying in the future, recommending others, or for internal candidates, choosing to stay with your business.

Poor candidate experience, on the other hand, can lead candidates to break ties with your brand, which can affect your reputation, retention, and recruitment.

So who has excelled in this space in APAC??? Read on!

Candidate Experience Is Not an App

Does a best practice candidate experience equal high levels of tech and automation? Not necessarily. This article unpacks that just because organisations invest in the latest and greatest in terms of ATS’ and tech – does not always optimise their hiring experiences.

“Experience Is About Continuity and Expectations”.

How to Create an Effective Candidate Experience: Best Practices for Business Leaders:

Still think that your hiring process is something you “have to make your candidates go through” to help you find the right people? Well then consider this…..

“Only 17% of employers measure candidate experience as part of the future-looking recruitment strategies. And yet, a whopping 58% of candidates have turned down a job offer because of their candidate experience.”

How to Test If Your Interview Process Is a Nightmare

If you changed your name and applied for a role at your own company – would you make it through the process? Similar to the idea of “mystery shoppers” would you be brave enough to test your own recruitment process as a candidate and see what it feels like as a candidate? The key to optimising experiences is to go through it yourself and see how it feels!

The Set-Up-To-Fail Syndrome

 Question – as a new employee (or any employee) that underperforms, who is ultimately responsible? The employee themselves? The manager? The Recruiter who hired them? A combination of all?

What if there are no clear outcomes, agreed priorities and direction set out? Who then is responsible for the output of the employee? Has the employee then, been set up to fail?

The Glitter Bombing of Recruiting

Trends, sparkly shiny things, “new age”, “best practice” – all these terms suggest that you should keeping up with the rate of change and innovation within recruitment and making sure your processes have all the bells and whistles… but what if this “keeping up with the jones’” approach to talent acquisition – is hurting your hiring experience?

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