This Week in Talent (23 Aug)

On This Week in Talent, we found these for you: 13 ways you can compete with the Googles of the world for the best STEM Talent when you are small, why social media background checks are not the best way to evaluate your candidates (do you agree?), a job seeker’s gripe over psych assessments, and more.
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Google, EY, Apple and 12 other companies that no longer require a degree

One of the most interesting conversations we had during our recently concluded Future of Talent retreat was the apparent inability for the current Australian tertiary system to produce sufficiently qualified and trained graduates. Will you consider dropping the degree requirement? It may not be such a bad idea.

No, I won’t take your pre-employment assessment. Here’s why.

Alex MacDuff, a designer and job seeker writes an open letter on why he refuses to take pre-employment (or as he calls them “pre-interview” assessments). We know psych assessments are an important part of a pre-hiring process and there’s a plenty of misinformation in his article and thinking (e.g. numerical aptitude isn’t long division or for bank tellers). However, this begs the questions – should we be doing more to personalise invitations and educate candidates upfront about how they relate to the role?

13 ways smaller firms can attract STEM Talent

How can you compete against the likes of Microsoft and Google for the best STEM Talent? Here are 13 other ways you can win when you are small and don’t have the financial resources of the Googles of the world.

What a diversity agenda has done for Kellogg’s staff and innovation engagement

Diversity can promote innovation, but it is a long-term game that will take time to bear fruit says Kellog’s MD Belinda Tumbers in this interview. Good reminder on why diversity is not an instant cure to all the business challenges we are facing, read on to learn more.

The top 10 reasons why social media background checks are a dumb idea

70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring, up significantly from 60 percent last year and 11 percent in 2006. Dr John Sullivan isn’t for it but clearly recruiters and hiring managers are. We’d love to know your take on this.

How I Work by Amantha Imber on Apple podcasts

We have the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé, so why can’t we all be as successful as her? One of our favourite ATC speakers Dr Amantha Imber explores what do the world’s leading entrepreneurs, writers, musicians and business people do differently from the average person. Check out her podcast series.

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