This Week in Talent (22 Aug)

A bio-jacker, cyborg psychologist, smart dust wrangler, nutri-gutome consultant – these are just some of the jobs of the future predicted in this fascinating report we found this week. Also check out this article discussing the 5 tips on how can display our company culture effectively during the hiring process, and more!

100 jobs of the future

Bio-jacker, cyborg psychologist, smart dust wrangler – these are some of the jobs of the future as predicted by experts who produced this intriguing report. Check out their job explorer tool too to find out what your future job could be. A fascinating read.

The easiest way to calculate quality of hire

Since we can’t move away from using quality of hire as a hiring metric, we should just get better at measuring it, right? Check out this excellent article to find out how we can do it right!

5 tips for displaying company culture during the hiring process

You are growing and hiring, and you want to make an impression by showcasing your culture to your candidates, but you don’t want to overdo it – how? Here are some useful tips.

Majority Aussies want equal parental leave

A survey commissioned by ING bank suggests that a majority of Aussies support equal parental leave – click to find out more.

Recruiter vs. Hiring manager: who is responsible for hiring?

What can hiring managers and recruiters do to ensure they are on the same page? Jan Tegze has some useful tips. If you want more, check out what some of our local Talent hunters have to say on managing their hiring managers – must read!

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