This Week in Talent (21st April)

Welcome to the weird limbo week between 2 long weekends! Hopefully you’re all stuffed full of choccies and hot cross buns WITH LASHINGS of butter!! LASHINGGGGS!

I’ll keep the TWIT this week short and sweet – mainly because I had the very unfortunate experience of contracting Covid last week, and I’m still recovering. I tested positive on Thursday just as the long weekend was kicking off – wheeeeeee!

This was my first Covid stint! I’ve managed to dodge it this whole time, and whilst I very much owe that to science (thank you vaccines and masks) and the fact that I’m relatively healthy, I also think that I’ve been pushing myself too hard in all areas of my life recently and my immune system was probably struggling to keep up and as such … it let Covid through it’s sacred doors and ruined my long weekend plans. Rude.

I won’t go into the details (because I’ve honestly had the week from hell whilst recovering), but it was a wake up call for me that I’m not invincible. A good reminder to look after yourselves, take time out when you need it, listen to your body, and keep washing your hands! Cause my GAWD… the spicy cough sucks!

Two important side notes this week – firstly, we have a webinar with Modern Hire coming up next week that is all about how to battle bias with data. Well worth a watch/listen! Sign up here.

And secondly – don’t forget to get some tickets to  TA Brew next week at the Bodriggy Brewery, and have a play with us!

Gen Z setting work boundaries

Idea: ask your colleagues to consider you dead outside of your normal working hours so they don’t bother reaching out to you.

Hybrid work is messy and exhausting

OMG I FEEL THIS. As much as I love working hybrid, my brain is still getting used to the mix of both remote and office working – keeping 2 work spaces clean and tidy, packing up my laptop at the end of each day and lugging it to and from the office (I mean… I shouldn’t complain, I have a Surface Pro which weighs about the same as a grape), coordinating office days with colleagues… so many blips that still need ironing out so I can live my best hybrid life!

Three reskilling essentials to support adaptability

As we face massive challenges this year in terms of retaining our talent, has reskilling been an option for you? This article covers some of the main things to keep in mind when reskilling a workforce – and how to get started!

Top 3 benefits trends for 2022

It’s heating up out there in the battle of the benefits – here are some of the trends predicted to take off this year, and be a focal point for companies that didn’t have them before. Some of these you may not have considered – give it a whirl!

20 Australian ​​Women Making Moves in 2022

YTG (yeah the girls)! We should celebrate women everyday, and here’s today’s reason. Give this a read, marvel in the gloriousness that is women doing AMAZING things, and share with your friends. Thanks.

The mere-exposure effect

Have you heard of this? Having a preference for something because you are familiar with it? This article tackles this head on, and explains how leaders that expose themselves to the unfamiliar often have the strongest and most innovative teams.

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